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Shift your mindet

from simply surviving

to thriving...


Are you struggling with how to move forward, mentally & emotionally after cancer?

I get that  - After 5 years of surviving, I was still just surviving....

Asking myself:

"How do I find myself in this new normal?"

"What do I do now?"

"How do I feel more like myself?"

"How do I get rid of the fear & anxiety?"

If you are nodding your head in agreement to any of these, then this program is for you.

I truly believe that 90% of this journey is mindset. Even more so in survivorship.

I mean, we come out of treatment without the support necessary to process what you just endured...

That creates a lot of overwhelming feelings, frustration and down-right anxiety.

Just knowing how to find yourself, in your "new normal," is life changing.

There are so many side-effects that we physically, mentally and emotionally experience, just having survived cancer and its treatment.

This takes a toll, since we already feel so “different” from this experience.

Plus with all the research that states we should be more positive because of the physical impact that being scared, afraid, stress and anxious does serious damage to our physical health. 

All that chronic stress leads to chronic illness.

If we can make ourselves sick with our thoughts then we can also make ourselves healthier with our thoughts. 

Which is why our mindset is 90% of this battle.

Think of cancer as a play. There are three acts to the play:

Act One: Before Cancer
Act Two: During Cancer
Act Three: After Cancer.

Regardless of the outcome, whether you are on maintenance meds, living with cancer or NED/cancer free….

Most struggle with the after side of cancer.

I hear women all the time: “I just want my old life back,” or “I just want to feel more like my old self” and so on…..

It’s because we have to learn to let go of our old life.

We have to address that we are not a cancer patient anymore, by letting go of that identity as well.

We must find a way to create a "new normal" that we are in love with, just as much as our life before cancer.

AND the best part is we get to choose what our third act gets to look and feel like.

I have created this self-paced program to shift your mindset from simply surviving to thriving.


You’ll gain from this program:

  • 12 weeks of self-paced content
  • How to get rid of fear & anxiety
  • Learn to let go of your old life.
  • Create a vision for your new normal.
  • Go from struggling or stuck to truly thriving.


Don’t worry - I will be guiding you through this process every step of the way for this mindset journey.

There are so many things that will always and forever going forward be a part of our lives, and we have to learn how to confidently walk with it.

Stop allowing cancer to make decisions for you, and make the decisions yourself.

You can shift how you think. And you can go from surviving to thriving.

Each module will walk you through the exact steps to be thriving mentally & emotionally.

These are the journal questions I worked through to get myself out of a dark place, to alleviate the mental anguish I felt.

AND now, you can do the same.

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If you’re ready to finally take life into your own hands and finally be happy again...

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This isn’t some high-pressure sales call or anything. I’m just genuinely going to talk to you. I want to learn more about you, and what you’ve experienced. I’m going to give you some advice, and then determine if you’d be a good fit for the program. 

It’s that simple. 

If you’re not, then I’ll point you in the right direction, and you’ll walk away from the call a lot better than before you booked it anyways.

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