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I believe in Yoga and the power of healing through Yoga, that I want everyone to be able to enjoy the benefits from it.

You will leave this Beginner’s Yoga Masterclass feeling confident enough to practice on your own because….

Inside this masterclass you will learn:
  • Different types of yoga and which one is right for you
  • How to pick out an instructor or class
  • We will be practicing during the class
  • How & Why it is so beneficial for healing trauma and ptsd.
  • How to move with mobility issues so you can modify any class you take
  • What you really need to start your own practice
  • How the benefits of the practice far extend off the mat
  • And so much more!

This class is for the woman who wants the ability to walk into any studio or take a class online and feel 100% confident in what they are doing.

You will learn how to modify for specifically what you need to do without the help of the instructor or if the instructor doesn't give you one.

You will be able to start your Yoga practice the very next day.

Purchase today for only $20, and start your Yoga journey!