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My Coaching Philosophy


Every great coach, like Phil Jackson, Vince Lombardi, Coach K, Pat Summit, and John Wooden, to name a few, has a great winning philosophy.

A clear strategy for every circumstance that would arise as if it were a game-time decision.

I am a three-time survivor of acute lymphoblastic leukemia and a stroke. Now, I work as a cancer coach, helping survivors learn how to reclaim their lives. My goal is to guide them in living differently, ensuring they become physically, mentally, and emotionally stronger and no longer live in fear.

I'm also the author of "Finding Your Way Back to Heart Center: Cancer Treatment Ended, Now What?" I'm a personal trainer, Yoga instructor, certified in Yoga for oncology, Yoga for Trauma, and a Cancer Exercise Specialist. I'm also a PN Level 1 Nutritionist, trained in Restorative Yoga, NICABM Trauma Certified, certified in Happiness, a Level 1 Reiki Healer, a lifelong learner, and a proud dog mom to Lily.

When it comes to rebuilding your life after cancer, recovery isn't one thing, and often it's really complex.

I really believe that a healthy body and mind are connected. You can't have one without the other. Since they're all connected, we focus on ensuring a person's all-around well-being is good, including their body, mind, and emotions.

We can't change the past, even if some of us wish we could. It's important to see where we are now and move forward. Achieving success and embracing your new normal means putting your whole heart into it.

And so I like to break down my winning coaching strategy by the following…



Staying active is a big part of healing. Movement starts the change. It's like a door that opens a chance to move away from feeling down, stuck, or unmotivated.

Our bodies are meant to move, even if it's not always perfect or fast or involves trying something new.

Taking care of your body from the inside and the outside will help your recovery. We are meant to use our bodies and that means moving them.



Our attitude and mindset are a huge part of this journey. A significant part, around 90%, of what we go through is mentally challenging. This journey can feel like a marathon, and sometimes, right at the starting line, your mind can trip you up if it's not fully on board. How we think is crucial to our survival. 

Living under a constant dark cloud, stuck in a state of fight or flight due to constant fear and anxiety, is no way to live life.



Going through cancer can bring up a lot of deep emotional pain and post-traumatic stress.

That means you have to work through and make sense of the complex trauma you've been through. Dealing with these struggles and coping with what you've faced is an important step toward healing your heart and soul.

It also means accepting that the life you once knew will not be the same anymore. And being able to find the strength to confidently step into your changed reality with purpose, passion, and a clear sense of direction will change your life.

By taking these steps, you'll be better equipped to fully accept your life’s new version of normal.

Community & Connection


We can't do this alone, and we shouldn't. Community is essential, especially since anxiety and depression stats were at 45% before the pandemic, though I think it's even higher based on my experiences.

Being around people who truly understand you is a great way to fight feelings of isolation and loneliness. Finding your people helps eliminate feeling alone - something I really wanted, so I built the most amazing community I could.

According to Coach Krzyzewski, "The fundamental qualities are communication, trust, collective responsibility, caring, and pride. I like to think of each as a separate finger on the fist. Any one individually is important. But all of them together are unbeatable."

That's why I strongly believe that "Together we Rise and Together we are Stronger!" We have the ability to lift one another. This is why community and connection are so important and form the foundation.

Some parts of this journey can only be understood by those who've gone through it, and that's a big advantage I bring to my clients. As a three-time survivor who has been through it all, I can provide valuable guidance on your path.

The heart of these main coaching strategies is understanding that we should focus on the road ahead since we can't go back. We need to learn from those lessons to grow in our new reality. We all have the potential to be our own biggest cheerleaders because we're the only ones who really know what this experience is like.

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