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During cancer treatment you are guided step by step through the process by your medical team but then cancer treatment ends and you are supposed to go live your live.


But what exactly does that mean?


How do you heal after treatment to live a life free from anxiety and worry of reoccurrence?

Trust me I know exactly how that feels. I felt the same way after celebrations of being done with treatment settled down. I was often told well "at least you are alive" and that just wasn't good enough for me. I wanted to thrive. 

So I started to do the hard work. I tried everything and everything to heal myself, build my strength back up and process the emotional fallout from cancer. 

Through my own experience I have come up with A Happier Healthier You, which is a program that will take you step by step navigating cancer survivorship. 

Are you feeling?

  • Worn out? Fatigue?

  • Scared to live life and just feel like you are participating in it?

  • Have constant anxiety and worry?

  • Overwhelmed with thoughts of reoccurrence?

  • Feeling alone to figure it out on your own?

  • Mentally exhausted?

  • Emotionally just worn out?

  • I want my body back! Lose the weight or get stronger?

  • Needing more energy due to fatigue?

  • Mentally exhausted.

  • Disconnected from Your OWN Body?

  • Frustrated with feeling alone and isolated?

  • Carrying around guilt regarding survivorship?

  • Lacking confidence in this new post cancer life?

If you said yes to ANY of these then the Happier Healthier course is for YOU!

Through this program you will be able to process the emotions that cancer brings with it so you can truly embrace life and thrive!​

This program you will be guided the entire time so you don't feel so along. ​

This program uses movement as a catalyst for change so you will get stronger both physically and emotionally. 

You will get:

-Live Group Weekly Coaching Calls via Zoom

-5 Workouts each week(including yoga, strength and cardio)

-Nutritional Guidance

-A Workbook each week to continue to grow mentally stronger-where each week we work on on specific topic in depth

-Support of the other group members

-Private Facebook group

-Clarity and understanding for what you want going forward which is priceless.

-Guided meditations

A Happier Healthier You 12 Week Program

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