My Book


I wrote an interactive book to help guide you through survivorship. Once treatment ends and the celebrations die down. You are left to figure out how to navigate the new normal that life has in store for you.

From my experience of trying to figure it out alone, hopefully this serves as a roadmap to getting your life back on track. 

Survivorship is challenging but it doesn't have to be. With this book to help guide you will you heal and recover from treatment.

Each chapter has room to write in the book. Journaling your answers to help you find your way back to your heart center. 

You can purchase this on Amazon below:

Please reach out if you have questions or read it and think it's complete garbage. lol JK Hopefully you don't think that. 

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Surviving cancer and all of the treatment is a feat in and of itself. Something that you should be really proud of and celebrated. I know when I completed treatment my friend and family all celebrated. It was a long battle for years. 

But then the reality started to sink, how do I embrace life again. I tried, desperately to go back to the new normal. 

That was a complete failure that ended up with me sobbing on my kitchen floor. I knew I had to heal after treatment but I had no clue how to. There's no survivor's guide to help you navigate the new normal.

That's why I became obsessed with figuring out how to:

Rebuild my strength

Reconnect with my mind and body

Reduce my anxiety

Reduce my fear of recurrence. 

Now I want nothing more than to share with you everything that I have learned through my journey with you. Here are a few freebies to get you started. 

My gifts to you are the below free guides. 

The 5 fitness tips guide is a great place to start, to really know that you are capable of so much more than you even realize. The are 5 workouts that you can do in the safety and comfort of your home, no equipment required. FREEBIE link below.

COVER-How to reduce anxiety, worry and f
Freebie 1-Top 5 Ways to Gain Strength Wh
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